Community Radio

With the expansion of community radio during the past 10 years, there is now a new tier of broadcast radio stations emerging throughout the UK. Typically these stations are funded through the tireless efforts of volunteers and funding a professional studio can be a real financial burden.


TailorMade Radio has worked with several community stations, now full time on air and fully understands the need to get the best set up at the keenest price. If you’ve recently secured a licence, or are applying for one now, get in touch and TailorMade will offer you a highly competitive quotation. If you chose to appoint us to build your studios we can help in a host of areas, beyond the physical build. Such as transmission, studio to transmitter links, telephony, SMS messaging, IT, webstreaming, acquisition of a comprehensive music library on hard disk (linear wav) and even build your music scheduling clocks and library (RCS or Enco Dad).

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