Conditions of Hire


1. The hire period will be stated on your invoice. The amount of the hire charges will be in accordance with our current price list.

2. Prices are subject to change without notice.

3. If you wish to hire for a longer period than initially agreed, a fresh application must be made, at least 24 hours before the current period of hire has lapsed, of which acceptant is subject to availability. Retention of equipment beyond the agreed hire period is not permitted and would be charged at £100 per day, plus an additional administration charge.

4. If after placing an order for hire of equipment you then cancel the order, or part of the order, we (Tailor Made Radio Ltd) reserve the right to charge either in full the value of the hire agreement including delivery charges, or pad thereof, taking into account t notice given and our ability to re-hire the equipment for the hire period.

5. Health and safety is an important issue. Where RF power amplifiers are concerned we will be seeking assurance that the named end user is competent and understands the dangers when using such equipment.

6. Tailor Made Radio Ltd will appoint a technician to set up our transmitter equipment according to Ofcom Specifications. You agree not to change any of the settings including, but not limited to transmitter output power, deviation level, and processor settings.

7. Radio equipment used outside the terms of, or without a licence will be seized by OFCOM and you will be immediately liable to cover all replacement costs of all items, new for old, irrespective of the result of any subsequent attempts to recover equipment
confiscated by the Authorities.

8. You will be solely responsible for and will fully indemnify us against any liability for loss or injury whatsoever (including, death) to persons or property occurring in connection with any use of the equipment unless the cause is proven to be due to a fault in our equipment.

9. We reserve the right not to release equipment until we have received (via post or fax) proof of adequate and valid insurance which will cover our equipment whilst it is in your possession against damage (including fire) and theft.

10. You must ensure that the equipment is covered by sufficient insurance both whilst on your premises and whilst being moved by your transport whether by a Company or private vehicle. A bulk valuation has been assigned of £20,000, reflecting replacement
and consequential costs. By signing the Hire Form you agree to pay for the replacement of any or all items as listed in the hire equipment inventory (as listed on the invoice) should item(s) be lost, stolen or damaged whilst in your care:

11. We reserve the right to refuse hiring if we feel security, care and safety cannot be assured.

12. We retain ownership of the equipment at all times and accordingly you must not sell, assign sub-lease, hire or otherwise dispose of the equipment. Equipment MUST NOT LEAVE THE UNITED KINGDOM. Names of end users and locations must be provided. Equipment must be operated in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and no attempts may be made to remove any covers or screws, even by qualified engineers. All faulty equipment will need to be collected by Courier and returned to us for repair.

13. In the event of dissatisfaction/malfunction, please call us immediately so that the matter can be amended to. We are unsympathetic to claims of inoperable equipment at the end of the hire period for obvious reasons.

14. We cannot accept any financial liability for any inconvenience or consequential loss of time or money incurred by you, the customer, through malfunction of our equipment. We
recommend that you hereto systems from us, so that a second system can be put into service, should the first fail. Support is limited to advice via telephone during office hours. Remember that the faulty item will need to be received by us before repair can be made or a replacement unit dispatched.

15. If you commit any breach of the terms of business we may terminate the contend of hire immediately and require payment of all hire, delivery and collection charges.

16. If you become insolvent we reserve the right to terminate the central immediately and require payment of all hire, delivery and collection charges.

17. The equipment is our property and, as such, we reserve the right for a representative from our company to call in person, at any time, without more than 1 hours notice, to inspect the equipment, and to re-claim it, if we have reason to believe that its use is in
contravention of this agreement.

18. All items will be collected on the date shown on your invoice. The equipment must be e-commissioned and packaged using the packaging in which it was supplied, in exactly he same way as it was packaged when received.

19. The equipment will need to be ready by 9am on the morning of collection. An appointed representative from your organisation must be with the equipment at the collection address from 9am until the collection has been made (anytime up to 5.30pm) on the
collection date. Please note that, although we appreciate your custom, we do charge for collection attempts ! which fall if the driver calls, but does not receive a reply at the collection address between the above times.

20. Damage, as a result of technical misuse or negligence, will be assessed and charged for.We endeavour to inform customers immediately we notice any damage, with a follow-up when the damage has been fully assessed.

21. We do not accept liability for any failure’s delay in performance of this agreement, which is caused by circumstances beyond our reasonable control.

22. For the purposes of the Contract (Rights of Third Parties) Ad 1999 this Agreement is not intended to, and does not give any person who is not a party to it, any right to enforce any of its provisions,

23. This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of England and Wales and the parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.

Tailor Made Radio Limited.
The Radio Studios, Guildbourne Centre, Worthing, West Sussex BN11 1LZ
Company Registration No: 05251110