David Hamilton’s Milllion Sellers

TailorMaddiddye Radio is proud to represent the legendary broadcaster David Hamilton with his popular Million Sellers which has played to top ratings on a variety of UK and European stations over the past 15 years.

Tailor Made Radio now has a library of 102 two-hour shows in which he tells the stories behind the world’s most successful recordings and features some of the most popular and enduring bands who have notched up million selling singles and albums both here and in America. Special editions, such as the all British Million Sellers, Million Selling movie soundtrack songs, Summer Special, Christmas special and even a celebrity edition where the recording stars telling their stories first hand.”

This series is produced and available exclusively via TailorMade Radio.
The programme can be bought on monthly download in high quality MP3 or bought outright in linear WAV on Hard Disk.



Click the play button below to hear the show demo.