Equipment Hire



1sound2014-2TailorMade Radio has available an extensive stock of radio broadcasting equipment available for short, medium or long term hire.

Our inventory is constantly being updated but includes the following:

Alice Air 2000 Mixer
Alice Soundech Series A Mixer
Rack Mounted CD Players with fader start (if required)
Passive and Active Monitor Loudspeakers
Variety of dynamic and condenser micrphones
Beyer DT100 Headphones
Enco Dad Playout system (latest version) c/w 2 x 24″ Touch Screens1sound2014-1
Optimod Broadcast Processor
SBS FM Transmitter (15w)
SBS 250 Watt Amplifier
BW 52Mhz Stereo Link Transmitter. receiver and aerials
1.5Ghz Digital STL Link System with panel antennas
Prodys Pronto 2 ISDN Codec
Jaybeam Band II folded dipole
Barix Extreamer/Instreamer IP Codecs
PC Based Logging system
Denon FM Tuner
Canford Red Light and Opto Switch
Portable Digital Recorders
HP Windows 7 PC with Adobe Audition software installed
Sonifex HY02D Telephone Balancing Unit
Gentner TS612 6 line Telephone Balancing System with control surface
Problem solving matching packs, D.A. packs etc
P.A. Mixers, Amplifiers, Radio Mics and speaker systems